Securities & Investments Podcast Series


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Stay ahead of today’s fast-changing landscape and investigate bold ideas with big thinkers, innovators, and disruptors in our series of educational podcasts. Hear what the experts have to say about innovations driving the industry and how you can capitalize opportunities through financial technology.

Podcast 13

What is FIS doing to help clients prepare and address ESG issues?

The ESG train has left the building, get on board! Find out how in this latest podcast.

Podcast 12

The role of partnerships for ESG adoption in capital markets

The wave of requirements to support ESG initiatives is coming - are you prepared and have onboarded the right partner?

Podcast 11

How do you expect ESG to change capital markets future?

Technology providers such as FIS have an important role to play in how ESG impacts the industry. Find out more.

Podcast 10

How is the “greenwashing issue” impacting securities and investment firms?

ESG is still in it’s infancy and reporting is challenging. This podcast investigates.

Podcast 9

Which innovative technologies are playing a role in driving ESG forward, and how?

Find out why and how AI and machine learning are key to ESG initiatives.

Podcast 8

What can capital markets firms do to drive ESG forward?

Are you fully embracing ESG from your own organizational perspective? FIS’ Richard Peterson provides insights on ESG drivers.

Podcast 7

What is the current state of ESG in the capital markets industry?

Investigating future ESG needs and solving data standardization questions are just some of the focus areas in capital markets. Find out more in this podcast.

Podcast 6

Introduction and Benefits of Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of representing real world assets as digital securities on blockchain technology. This podcast provides an introduction to the benefits of tokenization.

Podcast 5

The Digitalization of Capital Markets

Transforming the way capital markets industries operate is needed to better support the evolving needs of clients. Looking at how the cloud has helped to modernize the delivery of our solutions. This podcast discusses the benefits of the move towards digitalization.

Podcast 4

5 Ways to Make Data Work for You

Data volumes are rising globally with an enormous focus on capturing and analyzing data to drive better decision-making and much more. This podcast looks at what AI can do and how FIS's technology can help.

Podcast 3

The $357 Billion Dollar Question - What is an ESG Fund?

With enthusiasm for ESG investing on the rise, investors are looking for more information on what constitutes an ESG fund. But there’s little guidance on how ESG scores are calculated – and while efforts are underway to standardize ESG-specific metrics and formats, more is needed.

Podcast 2

How to Get a Competitive Advantage from ESG

Transparency over data is key. Firms that can quantify and standardize their ESG data are better able to drive their ESG initiatives forward. Meanwhile, it’s becoming increasingly clear that regulation will drive the need for greater transparency from firms.

Podcast 1

Helping You to Tell an Accurate ESG Story

Firms are looking for ways to capture metrics so that they can present an accurate ESG story to their clients and investors. At FIS, we’re developing the tools needed to meet investors’ needs for information, including advances in data processing and our partnership with C3 AI.